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Are You “Stuffed”? – Thanksgiving Mini Workout

I don’t know about you, but I know I always eat too much on Thanksgiving (and quite a few of the days leading up to the big feast).  Here is a quick, physical activity workout for the children, classroom, brain break, physical education class, therapy room or anyone who just ate too much on turkey […]

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Summer Olympic Games Freebie Activity

The Summer Olympic Games are only a few weeks away!  This Summer Olympic games freebie activity, Find and Color, is a fun way to encourage visual discrimination and visual motor skills with a Summer Olympic theme.  Find the medal winners and color them the correct color.  This visual perceptual puzzle is just one from the […]

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5 Tips to Support Risk Taking in Children

Do you allow children to explore enough?  Risk taking is so important in childhood. This generation of children is so shielded from many risks that perhaps you and I were allowed to overcome as we grew up.  Taking a risk and achieving a goal provides a child with a strong sense of accomplishment.  Remember back […]

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Sensory Motor Benefits and Tips for Gardening with Children

With Spring upon us, why not get children started with some gardening. Gardening offers children excellent sensory motor exploration. Think of all the senses that are involved in gardening: Tactile – touching the rough seeds, feeling the dry dirt, experiencing cold, wet mud, handling the soft fuzz of a green bean or the smooth skin […]


100th Day of School

Lots of early childhood and elementary school celebrate the 100th day of school. For most schools this day is rapidly approaching(or perhaps past so you can use these ideas next year). Here are some suggested activities that celebrate the 100th day and encourage sensory motor skill development:1. 100 Day Snack Mix: Ask each child to […]

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Sensory Motor Countdown to the Holidays

Here is a twist on the usual countdown to the holidays. This calender for December includes gross motor and fine motor activities for each day leading up to the holiday season. You can get a printable version at Your Therapy Source. Print it out and give to parents or hang up in your home to […]