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Find and Color at the Amusement Park

Here is a freebie from the latest download Find and Color.  You can download the Amusement Park Find and Color here  – http://yourtherapysource.com/findcolorfreebie.html  to challenge visual discrimination and visual motor skills.

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Find and Color Your Name

Here is a simple activity to help children work on visual scanning, visual discrimination, letter identification and coloring skills.  If the child can not color in the lines, you could use dot markers or colored stickers to identify the letters in the child’s name.  You can download it at Your Therapy Source here http://yourtherapysource.com/freefindname.html [subscribe2]   […]

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Springtime Visual Perceptual Freebie

Download this visual discrimination freebie from Spring Visual Perceptual Puzzles. Get more information about entire Spring Visual Perceptual Puzzle packet. [subscribe2]

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Patterns, Patterns, Patterns

Here are 6 FREE sample pages from Patterns, Patterns, Patterns  which is a collection of over 50 visual perceptual activities involving patterns. Children will be challenged to draw the patterns and find shapes, numbers or objects in a pattern. The activity pages are in black and white. Patterns, Patterns, Patterns stimulates: visual motor skills visual […]

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Classroom Displays and Children’s Ability to Focus

Is the picture above hard to read?  Of course it is – text on a busy background is difficult to see.  One thing that really bothers me in a classroom is excessively decorated walls.  I frequently walk into a classroom and am shocked at the visual overstimulation.  There are patterns, pictures and words hanging all […]

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Letter Hunt Freebie

Letter Hunt Freebie Download the letter Bb hunt to find 13 upper case and 13 lower case letters.  You can circle the letters, place stickers over the letters, use dot markers or color in the picture.  Head over to http://www.yourtherapysource.com/letterhuntfreebie to download the letter Bb hunt.