15 Free Visual Spatial Printables

The ability to determine spatial relationships is important in everyday tasks. You need to interpret what it means to “stand first in a line”, “sit in front of Johnny” or “put the pencil on top of the paper”. If a child has difficulty perceiving spatial relationships it can affect motor skills, body awareness, problem solving, activities of daily living […]

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Coordination, Visual Spatial Skills and Handwriting

Frontiers in Psychology published research examining the relationship between motor coordination and handwriting skills, and to identify differences in handwriting between children without and with coordination difficulties with a focus on visual–spatial skills.  Motor coordination, graphic abilities, visual–motor integration, visual–spatial skills, and other cognitive abilities (memory and planning) were assessed in 83 children aged 7–10 years. […]

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Eggs-actly the Same Visual Discrimination and Visual Spatial Puzzle

Challenge visual spatial and visual discrimination skills with this puzzle.  Can you find the two cards that are exactly the same?  Download the puzzle Eggs-Actly the Same puzzle from Your Therapy Source. Get more Spring Visual Perceptual Puzzles.

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Visual Perceptual and Handwriting Practice Pages

Download two sample pages for the Letter Cc to practice handwriting and visual perceptual skills. You can download the freebie here http://www.yourtherapysource.com/vphandwritingfreebie.html Get more information on the complete download here

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Colored Caps Fine Motor and Visual Spatial Activity

I happen to love colored dots and index cards so this activity is a win-win for me!  Plus it is super simple to set up, lightweight and small to toss into the therapy bag and can be modified in so many different ways.   So all you need to do is start off with some […]

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Road Puzzler – Visual Spatial and Visual Motor Freebie

Here is a fun but challenging freebie – the Road Puzzler.  Practice scissor skills, visual motor and visual spatial skills with this printable.  You can download Road Puzzler here http://www.YourTherapySource.com/freeroadpuzzler Need more visual spatial and visual motor activities?  Check out Find the Animals. Title of Electronic Book: Find the Animals By:  Your Therapy Source, Inc […]

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Find and Draw Visual Motor Activity for Halloween

Practice visual discrimination and visual motor skills with this Find and Draw Halloween freebie from Halloween Visual Perceptual Puzzles. You can download the Find and Draw Halloween freebie here. Halloween Visual Perceptual Puzzles – 12 puzzles to challenge visual motor, visual closure, visual spatial and visual discrimination skills. Find out more.

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Visual Motor, Visual Spatial and Motor Planning Maze for Fall

Here is a freebie from the latest packet – Fall Visual Perceptual Puzzles.  Challenge visual motor, visual spatial and motor planning skills with this Fall themed activity.  You can download it here http://yourtherapysource.com/vpfallfreebie.html

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Color Copy Challenge – Visual Motor and Visual Spatial Activity

Download this freebie to practice visual motor and visual spatial skills.  Copy the colors exactly or use the black and white version.  Player one colors in the top and player two copies the colors.  You can download it at http://yourtherapysource.com/freecolorchallenge.html [subscribe2]   Practice copying different patterns using various sizes and techniques to encourage different fine motor […]