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Color Copy Challenge – Visual Motor and Visual Spatial Activity

Download this freebie to practice visual motor and visual spatial skills.  Copy the colors exactly or use the black and white version.  Player one colors in the top and player two copies the colors.  You can download it at http://yourtherapysource.com/freecolorchallenge.html [subscribe2]   Practice copying different patterns using various sizes and techniques to encourage different fine motor […]

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Visual Tracking and Visual Motor Freebie

Here is a FREE sample activity from Find the Animals.  Challenge visual tracking, visual spatial and visual motor skills with this activity.  You can download the free puzzles here http://yourtherapysource.com/findanimalsfreebie.html [subscribe2] Get the complete download here http://yourtherapysource.com/findanimals.html

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Color By Copy – Visual Motor and Visual Spatial Activity

Download these free visual motor and visual spatial activities.  Simply color the picture on the right exactly like the picture on the left.  You can download color by copy freebie here http://yourtherapysource.com/freecolorbycopy [subscribe2]       Title: Color Coding By: Your Therapy Source Summary: 40+ pages to encourage visual discrimination and visual motor skills with color coding […]

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Springtime Visual Perceptual Freebie

Download this visual discrimination freebie from Spring Visual Perceptual Puzzles. Get more information about entire Spring Visual Perceptual Puzzle packet. [subscribe2]

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Visual Versus Verbal Prompts to Promote Visual Spatial Skills

Instructional Science  published research on the potential effect of an experimental visual–spatial intervention procedure and possible training benefits of two prompts: one group received training with verbal and visual prompts, a second group training with visual prompts only, while a third, control group did not receive any training. The results indicated the following: 1.  the […]

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Patterns, Patterns, Patterns

Here are 6 FREE sample pages from Patterns, Patterns, Patterns  which is a collection of over 50 visual perceptual activities involving patterns. Children will be challenged to draw the patterns and find shapes, numbers or objects in a pattern. The activity pages are in black and white. Patterns, Patterns, Patterns stimulates: visual motor skills visual […]

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Holiday Puzzle on Paper

Here is a holiday puzzle to challenge visual spatial, visual closure and visual motor skills.  You can download it at http://yourtherapysource.com/christmaspuzzle.html [subscribe2]

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Coloring Shape Stencils

How cool is this project?  It reminds me of a zentangle which I always find very calming to do.  There are two ways to complete this activity to encourage visual motor skills, grading of movements and visual spatial skills. 1.  Doodle Shape Stencils – Draw any random doodle all over a piece of paper with […]

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Vertical Puzzles

Here is a simple way to make vertical puzzles.  By hanging up the puzzles on the wall or in an upright position you encourage an increase in upper extremity active range of motion, wrist extension and can sneak in some gross motor skills (ie squatting and reaching up high). Find an old poster or use […]

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Importance of Block Play in Preschoolers

Child Development published research on the importance of block play in over one hundred preschoolers.  The children in the study who were better at copying block patterns were also better at early math skills.  Copying block pattern consisted of knowing whether a block went above or below with the blocks properly aligned. The results also indicated that children from […]