How to Use Breathing Exercises For Executive Function Skills

How to use breathing exercises for executive function skills to build basic self-regulation skills, de-stress, recharge, and reset to an optimal mind-body state.

Breathing techniques can offer easy-to-practice activities for building basic self-regulation in the body of youngsters and in your classroom. Here are suggestions on how to use breathing exercises for executive function skills. The official definition of executive function is a set of processes that all have to do with managing oneself and one’s resources in […]

5 Everyday Outdoor Activities to Practice Self Regulation Skills

Here are 5 everyday outdoor activities to practice self-regulation skills in children to help them learn how to practice self control.

Self-regulation is the ability of a person to tolerate sensations, situations and distress and form appropriate responses to that sensory input. Simply stated, it is the ability to control behavior. The ability to self regulate in children is a predictor for academic abilities.  Here are 5 everyday outdoor activities to practice self- regulation skills in […]

Do Kids Need Recess? Heck Yes, and Here is Why!

Do kids need recess? Heck yes they do and here are many benefits to recess for students including physical, social and academic research to support recess!

If you ask children what their favorite school subject is many will respond recess!  Unfortunately, unstructured, free play for kids is becoming a thing of the past.  Thirty to forty percent of elementary schools in the United States are eliminating, decreasing or considering eliminating recess. (1,2).  Some schools are making these decisions due to increased […]