Love this new idea!!!

Came across this on the web this morning. Watch this video from CBS News on this new product. This is an excellent idea to get babies and young children with disabilities moving and exploring their environment as soon as possible. You can get more information about the ZipZac chair here. It looks like it costs […]

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Culture and Sensory Sensitivities

Have you ever considered the influence of culture on sensory sensitivities?  Does being from a different country or upbringing influence sensory preferences?  One would assume the answer is yes but definitive differences would be hard to categorize. The American Journal of Occupational Therapy published research on a cross cultural comparison of sensory behaviors in children […]


Weight and Gross Motor Skills

Pediatric Physical Therapy published research on weight and gross motor skill development in young children.  Body mass index and gross motor skill level was determined for 4650 kindergarteners.  The results indicated that children with obesity exhibited decreased motor skills compared to their peers especially with respect to locomotor and balance skills. Reference: Roberts, Dawn; Veneri, Diana; […]

CVS Caremark Grants – Deadline Oct 31st

Here is the annual reminder about the CVS Caremark grants. They are due October 31, 2012. This grant provides support for children with disabilities.  “CVS Caremark Community Grants Program awards funds to nonprofit organizations for the following programs: * Programs targeting children with disabilities * Programs focusing on health and rehabilitation services * Public schools […]

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Free Sticky Note OT/PT Reminders

Print some reminders for the next occupational or physical therapy sessions on sticky notes.  Place in a student’s planner to remind teachers, parents and students when the next session is scheduled.  These are great for the start of the school year when the schedule is new.  Also, wonderful way to create independence for students who […]

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Proprioception and Autism Spectrum Disorders

The American Journal of Occupational Therapy published research on proprioceptive processing difficulties among children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and developmental disabilities. A total of 86 children (32 with ASD, 26 children with development disabilities but not ASD and 28 neurotypical children) were scored on the Comprehensive Observations of Proprioception (COP). The COP observes 18 […]


Treadmill Training in Adolescents with CP

Recent research compared two groups of adolescents with cerebral palsy.  One group was randomly assigned to treadmill training, 3 times per week, for 12 weeks.  The other group participated in traditional physical therapy sessions (3x/ week for 12 weeks) which included mat activities, balance training, gait training and functional gross motor activities.  Post test results […]