5 Mindfulness Activities for Young Children

Mindfulness Activities for Young Children

Mindfulness can be defined as paying attention in a particular way: on purpose, in the present moment, and nonjudgmentally.  Research indicates that mindfulness techniques in school aged children can help to improve: sense of wellbeing, ability to focus, relaxation and self regulation.  Although mindfulness practices have not been studied in younger children (i.e. preschoolers) extensively, young children do experience a fast paced, hurried, high pressure, high technology lifestyle and mindfulness techniques may help young children’s well being in school and at home.

Here are 5 mindfulness activities for young children:

  1. yoga poses for children
  2. guided meditation and visualization – try this Triathlon imagination action journey that combines visualization with movement.
  3. reflective breathing – try bumble bee breathing
  4. specific games designed to support children’s deeper awareness of their own feelings and thoughts.
  5. specific games designed to support children’s deeper awareness of their own behaviors and reactions.  Read about 10 games that help to develop self regulation skills.

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Reference:  Erwin, E. J., Robinson, K. A., McGrath, G. S., & Harney, C. J. (2017). “It’s Like Breathing In Blue Skies and Breathing Out Stormy Clouds” Mindfulness Practices in Early Childhood. Young Exceptional Children, 20(2), 69-85.


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Mindfulness Activities for Young Children