Emotional Regulation Posters – Free Printables

Are you looking for Emotional Regulation posters with real photographs? This free PDF packet can be downloaded at the bottom of the post. It was created by Jennie Ni, MS, OTR/L to complement the Emotional Regulation Visual Slide Deck digital activity.

What Does the Emotional Regulation Posters Freebie Include?

This is a four page, full color, PDF document that you can download. Each poster pages describes an emotions character and descriptions. It is for pediatric occupational therapy providers, teachers or parents who are familiar with emotional regulation or the Zones of Regulation Curriculum created by Leah M. Kuypers, MA ED, OTR/L.

BLUE – Includes the Blue Emotions Character and four examples using photographs: sleeping, low energy/tired, sick and sad.

GREEN – Includes the Green Emotions Character and four examples using photographs: focused, happy, ready to learn, and calm.

YELLOW – Includes the Yellow Emotions Character and four examples using photographs: frustrated, silly, wiggly, and worried.

RED – Includes the RED Emotions Character and four examples using photographs: mad/angry, yelling, pushing/hitting, and elated/ecstatic.

If you want to practice reinforcing these skills with your students, be sure to check out the Emotional Regulation Visuals Slide Deck. It introduces emotions using real-life pictures to help reinforce emotional regulation with your students right away! FIND OUT MORE HERE.

When to Use the Emotional Regulation Posters Freebie

This freebie is great to:

  • introduce your students to the different emotions.
  • reinforce the concepts of emotional regulation.
  • support your students using real photographs to display the different emotions.
  • use with the complete Emotional Regulation Google Slide Deck

Download your FREE Emotional Regulation Posters Here

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