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Paint My Wings App for Double Doodles

Are you familiar with double doodles?  It is a Brain Gym® bilateral drawing activity to help with eye hand coordination, spatial awareness, right/left discrimination and visual discrimination skills.  Here is a new app that facilitates double doodling called Paint My Wings, from one of my favorite developers, Toca Boca.  Of course it is cute and […]

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10 Everyday Activities to Practice Bilateral Integration

Taking time out to perform specific home exercise programs can be very difficult during the busy lives of today’s children and parents.  Try to make it easier for parents by suggesting activities that can be carried out throughout the normal routine of the day.  Bilateral integration skills (the ability to use both sides of the […]

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5 Easy Ways To Teach Right Left Discrimination

Here are 5 ways to teach right versus left: 1.  Verbal Reinforcement:  Every opportunity you have verbally state right from left.  For example, when dressing a child say “put your right arm in the sleeve”.  When turning left in a car or walking on the street say “let’s take a left here”. 2.  Visual Reinforcement: […]