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Visual Motor, Eye Hand Coordination and Handwriting

The Journal of Occupational Therapy, Schools and Early Intervention published research on 75 second graders who were evaluated using the Concise Assessment Scale for Children’s Handwriting, the Developmental Test of Visual Perception-2 and the manual dexterity section of the Movement Assessment Battery for Children. Results indicated that visual motor integration and eye hand coordination are […]

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Just a quick, brief commentary on some recent observations… Why do we have child sized spoons, forks, knives, cups and scissors but most children use full sized pencils when learning how to write? Why do children have to learn to write their names at age 3? Please tell me how this is a functional skill […]


Written Language Disorder

Pediatric occupational therapists have vast experience of working with children who have written language disorders. Symptoms of written language disorder can include problems with grammar, spelling, organization and handwriting. School based therapists see how far reaching this problem can be. In many school districts, teachers and administrators primary focus is how to improve reading skills. […]