10 Tips to Help Develop Self Control in Children

Here are 10 tips to help children develop self control: 1.  Do activities that require you and the child to follow step by step directions such as playing a board game or following a recipe. 2.  Let children wait.  If you are busy doing something and a child requests your attention, it is beneficial for […]

Self Regulation in Young Children

Here is an excellent article entitled Developing Young Children’s Self Regulation Through Everyday Experiences. It is a 6 page articles with a thorough description of self regulation and how teachers can support the development of it in young children. You can read the article here.

Assessing Self Regulation

Pediatric therapists and early childhood teachers frequently assess a child’s ability to self regulate. Child Trends has released an excellent document on assessing self regulation. Included in the document are several simple questionnaires to determine a child’s ability to self regulate. The paper recommends that children participate in out of school programs to help improve […]


Self Regulation and Academic Abilities

More research is being published in the Early Childhood Research Quarterly on self regulation skills in young children. The researchers studied 1298 children from birth through first grade. After controlling for at risk factors such as ethnic minority status, low maternal education, low family income and chronic depressive symptoms in the mother, children with strong […]

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Self Regulation as a Predictor of Academic Abilities

Self regulation is the ability of a person to tolerate sensations, situations and distress and form appropriate responses to that sensory input. Simply stated, it is the ability to control behavior. In children, self regulation matures just like other developmental processes. Children get older and learn to think before they act. Research continues to develop […]