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Team Blog for Pediatric Therapists???

I am thinking about starting a team blog for pediatric therapists. Basically it would be one location where different therapists could contribute content. It is similar to a list serve but in blog format. Want to see if there is any interest out there from other pediatric occupational, physical or speech therapists to contribute before […]

Sample Activity from Play Strong

Here is a sample activity idea from our electronic book Play Strong – Activities to Promote Muscle Strengthening in Children Through Play This is a four year old boy working on bilateral coordination, upper extremity and trunk muscle strengthening. The equipment needed is a regular size rolling pin and index cards. There are several index […]

Couch Potato Preschoolers

Child Development reports on a study indicating that preschoolers spent most of their time performing sedentary activities (89%). They spent 8% of the day performing light physical activity and only 3% of the day doing moderately vigorous physical activity. This is some scary information. If we are worried about obesity now, it may only get […]

Therapy Idea Video

Four year old boy working on hip external rotation, weight shifting, abdominal strengthening lower extremity dissocation and eye foot coordination. This is also a great activity to prepare for donning/ doffing socks and shoes for occupational therapy. Go to www.YourTherapySource.com for more therapy activities.

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Motor Skill Testing Over Time

Infant Behavior and Development reports that during infancy predictive fine and gross motor scores were non linear. During the preschool years, predictive gross motor scores were non linear and fine motor scores were more linear. The authors suggest that professionals should be careful about reporting percentile scores. Children’s scores were non linear which means depending […]

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About our website

I guess I better describe our website to those of you who are not following us yet. We offer many resources for school based therapists, teachers and parents who work with children with special needs. Over the years, we have grown to a successful business that offers economical therapy ideas and products. Please take the […]

New Blog Location

I am moving our blog to here versus leaving it on our website. I can not do much with the blog tool I am currently using so I will give this one a shot. Please be patient as I switch it all over. We just posted a new video on the website about a success […]