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Colored Caps Fine Motor and Visual Spatial Activity

Colored capsI happen to love colored dots and index cards so this activity is a win-win for me!  Plus it is super simple to set up, lightweight and small to toss into the therapy bag and can be modified in so many different ways.  

So all you need to do is start off with some blank index cards and draw a grid.  You can do a 2×2 grid to keep it simple or make the grid larger to make it more challenging.  

Take some recycled water bottle caps and place some colored stickers on the inside to make the colored caps.  Now put some stickers on one side on the grid.  

Give an index card to the child and he/she needs to match the colored cap on the other side of the grid.  You can turn the index card so sometimes the student is matching the dots from side to side and sometimes from top to bottom.

To modify this activity you could have the child use dot markers to match the colored sticker dots, peel and stick more colored dot stickers or draw colored circles.

You could change it up entirely with other more complex shapes or stickers.  If you want to use larger stickers use full size paper and recycled milk jug tops.  

Here is gross motor and fine motor activity using colored dot stickers http://yourtherapysource.com/blog1/2014/03/13/gross-motor-and-fine-motor-activity-using-colored-dot-stickers/

Dot Phonics Mazes

Dot Phonics Mazes – Follow the dot path from the letter to the correct word that starts with that letter. There are 26 mazes each on half a page. There are also 8 different examples of how to differentiate the lesson such as using stickers, using dot markers coloring in the larger versus the smaller circles, pushing golf tees through the circles and more. This is a great activity for
push in therapy ideas or for centers.  FIND OUT MORE.