Do Kids Need Recess? Heck Yes, and Here is Why!

Do kids need recess? Heck yes they do and here are many benefits to recess for students including physical, social and academic research to support recess!

If you ask children what their favorite school subject is many will respond recess!  Unfortunately, unstructured, free play for kids is becoming a thing of the past.  Thirty to forty percent of elementary schools in the United States are eliminating, decreasing or considering eliminating recess. (1,2).  Some schools are making these decisions due to increased […]

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How to Get Students Ready to Learn After Brain Breaks or Recess

How to Get Students Ready to Learn After Brain Breaks or Recess

How to Get Students Ready to Learn After Brain Breaks or Recess Do your students have trouble settling down after brain breaks or recess time?  Maybe you are hesitant to incorporate movement into the school day because you loathe the aftermath of getting the high energy students to return to academic work.  Research indicates that students […]

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Recess and Executive Functioning Skills

Pediatric Exercise Science published research examining the effects of a physical activity program including both aerobic exercise and cognitively engaging physical activities on children’s physical fitness and executive functions.  Children from elementary school were divided into two groups – intervention (53 children) and control (52 children).  The intervention group participated in a 22-week physical activity […]

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8 Print and Go Ideas for Indoor Recess

Here are a few freebies that work great for indoor recess when you need something in a hurry. They would make a fun back to school gift for teachers – print them off, toss them in a file folder and teachers have some “go to” activities for when the weather takes a turn for the […]

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Research: Academic Benefits of Recess

A study was recently published on 186 Finnish children in grades 1-3 looking at the relationships between: different types of physical activity/sedentary behavior and reading/arithmetic skills.  The results indicated the following: 1.  higher levels of physical activity at recess were related to better reading skills 2.  participation in organized sports was linked to higher arithmetic test scores […]

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Teach Playground Rules

Do you work with children who are unsafe on the playground at recess time?  Perhaps it is a lack of body awareness, safety awareness or decreased motor skills but keep in mind it could be a lack of understanding of what the rules are during recess. Review rules with children at the start of the […]

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5 Reasons Why Recess is Important for Child Development

No matter what the weather, schools need to encourage recess time.  Whether it be free play time outdoors on playground equipment, using loose parts (ie balls, jump ropes, etc) or indoor time on rainy, cold days, students benefit from the break for some of the following reasons: 1.  Children learn self regulation and the ability […]


Increase Physical Activity Time

I follow a blog written by the Recess Doctor which I highly recommend. The blog reported on a research study done in 2005 supporting painting lines on a playground. Preventive Medicine published research that found when markings were painted on the playground, moderate to vigorous physical activity increased by 37% whereas the control groups activity […]