Air Mister Fun and Functional

After seeing these Air Misters from Target over at Play Counts, I knew they would be lots of fun.  For only $2.50 these Air Misters are available at Target in the dollar section.  Basically you fill the air mister with water, pump it to increase the pressure then press the button to gently mist the […]

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Twist (literally) on Puzzles Part #2

 I came across another idea on Pinterest about changing up puzzles.  Basically, using any picture or text that you would like, you can create a twisting puzzle.  For this example I printed out a picture on heavy duty cardstock that would wrap around this container with about an inch of overlap.  Cut the paper into […]


Fine Motor Match Up

After seeing this picture on Pinterest, I knew I had to try this activity. Just match up little tags with numbers, letters or shapes to beads using toothpicks. I did not have any Styrofoam so I used some clean, recycled meat trays. This was a real fine motor challenge but a nice twist. You really […]

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Good Fine Motor Skills = Good Grades

New research that will be published soon in the Journal of Early Childhood Education and Development indicated that children who scored well on fine motor tasks when in pre-K had higher averages in second grade than those who scored lower on fine motor tasks in pre-K. Data was reviewed on 1000 second graders in Florida. […]


Simple Portable Clothes Line

Here is a simple idea to sneak in some clothes pin work on a portable clothes line. Just empty out a picture frame and hang some string. Make sure the child clips the clothes pins low down or they will flip due to the short line. Here are some suggested uses: 1. Make a puzzle. […]