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Concussion Guidelines for Returning to Activity and School for Children

As pediatric therapists we may be involved in helping children return to activity and/or school following a concussion.  Of course, you should always work in conjunction with a physician but there are specific guidelines to follow.  CanChild has done a great job of creating evidence based resources to return to activity and school for youth […]

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June 2016 Issue of the Your Therapy Source Magazine

The June issue of the Your Therapy Source digital magazine is now available for free as usual. This month’s issue includes articles on yoga and self regulation, in class sensory strategies, video prompting for ADLs, developmental progression of playground skills and more! Happy reading!

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Get Organized with the Therapy Planner

I am very excited about this updated Therapy Planner for the 2016-2017 school year.  I realize it is a bit early to be talking about next school year already but it never hurts to stay ahead of the game.  Of course, the planner is packed with monthly and weekly calendars. This year, we added a […]

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Coordination, Visual Spatial Skills and Handwriting

Frontiers in Psychology published research examining the relationship between motor coordination and handwriting skills, and to identify differences in handwriting between children without and with coordination difficulties with a focus on visual–spatial skills.  Motor coordination, graphic abilities, visual–motor integration, visual–spatial skills, and other cognitive abilities (memory and planning) were assessed in 83 children aged 7–10 years. […]

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5 Gross Motor Activities for Small Spaces

As school based therapists, we are frequently working on gross motor skills in small spaces.  In my experience, I have worked in crowded classrooms, hallways, under stairwells and even closets.  You have to come up with creative ideas to get students moving without the benefits of a large gym or outdoor space.  Here are 5 […]

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Push In, Pull Out or Consultation School Based Therapy Survey Results

The results are in from the survey on service delivery model for school based therapy.  There were over 500 responses to the questions!  You can read all the results at Your Therapy Source.   Please take a moment to answer the two question survey on evaluation tools.

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Digital Magazine for Pediatric OTs and PTs

The April 2016 issue of the Your Therapy Source Digital Magazine for Pediatric Occupational and Physical Therapists is now available.  Read articles on pre-handwriting skills, postural control, self regulation, toe walking, activity ideas and more!  Check it out below or download the free magazine at http://www.yourtherapysource.com/magazine.html

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How to Play the Visual Perceptual Clothes Pin Games

I am so excited about this new download, Visual Perceptual Clothes Pin Games, that combines visual perceptual skills, hand strengthening and play skills. The first game is the Dinosaur Shadow Game.  It includes four different dinosaurs to pin your clothes pins on if your dinosaur matches the shadow on the board game. The next game […]

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Effective Frequency for Motor Skill Groups

As pediatric therapists, we often recommend how many sessions of therapy to provide. Here is a small but relevant study regarding the effectiveness of  two group programs on visual-motor integration, motor proficiency, gross-motor skills, and parental perception of motor difficulties in children with developmental coordination disorder (DCD).   Children with DCD were divided into two […]