Free Activities, Hand-outs and Information Sheets

Fine Motor

Color, Cut, Glue Shark
Picture Pokes
Cut, Sequence, Paste and Draw Dolphin
Seated Classroom Stretches
Color, Cut, Glue Scissor Practice for Fall
Alphabet Playdough Mat- Letter A
Hole Punch Printable- Hungry Monster
Halloween Bat Dice Drawing
Color, Cut, Glue Halloween
Fingerprint Calendar
Blizzard Card Game
Leaf Animals
Follow the Path
Wax String Activity
Hunt and Find Activity
Activity Fabric
Halloween Fine Motor Project
OT Group Lesson Plan – Trading Cards
Partner Pictures
Caterpillar Activity
Cutting Cards Sample Pages
Pattern Puzzlers
Craft Stick Fun
Pumpkin Activity
Birthday Lacing Card
Cut and Paste Activities Sample Pages
Thanksgiving Clothes Pin Activity
Falling Leaves
Visual Motor Workbook Sample Pages
Step By Step Shape Projects – Puppy
Cut and Fold Project
Clothes Line Numbers
Paint Cans
Boat Tangram
Holiday Lights
Patterns, Patterns, Patterns Sample Pages
Visual Motor Exercises Sample Page
Glass Stone Letters
Creepy Caterpillar and Wiggly Worm
Spring Time Sheep
Sponge Curlers
Outdoor Bingo
Visual Discrimination Puzzles Sample Pages
Motor Minute Challenges Sample Pages
Letter and Shape Mazes Sample Pages
Squeeze Container Activities
Pumpkin Patch
Halloween Mat
Progress Monitoring Forms – Fine Motor Skills Sample
Raining Letters
December Holiday Clothes Pin Mat
Letter Race
DIY Felt Board and White Board
Bubble Wrap Pop
Bead Maze
Button Gloves
Hatching Birds Clothes Pin Activity
Roll and Pull
Sock Blocks
Bug Hunting
Animal Action Alphabet Letter A
Clay Faces
Hole Punch Play Dough
Pencil Toppers
Autumn Handwriting Hunt Freebie
Paint Shapes By Color
Dynamic Tripod Grip Hand Out
Halloween Handwriting Hunt
Valentine Pencil Critters
Conversation Heart Clothes Pins
Blank Picture Frames
Silly Sketches
Fine Motor Charades
Flag Mobile
Hedgehog Clay Game
Copy the Clay Monsters
Jack-O-Lantern Challenge Maze
Hole Punch Palooza – Shapes
Bean Matching Boards
Ping-Pong Puzzles
10 Ways to Use Clothes Pins with Craft Sticks
Dot Phonics Maze Sample Page
Mosaic Pattern Sample Page
Mini Sponge Blocks
Flower Fine Motor Activities
Spinning Exercises
Bunny Garland
Cut, Sequence, Paste and Draw Letter a
5 Things to Do with Loom Bands Besides Bracelets
Simple Cutting Strips
Mini Snowman Step By Step Directions
Homemade Stencils and Ideas
Clothes Pin Silly Faces
Free sample pages and video from Fantastic Fingers® Fine Motor Program
Pool Noodle Parts and Colored Chips
Paper Clip People
Butterfly Cut and Fold


Visual Perceptual

Gross Motor

Sensory Processing


Video Activity Ideas

Self-Calming Videos